The Lunatic Asylum

A level-headed look at the paranormal



John Robert Cole currently serves the American people, past and present, in the United States Coast Guard.

He holds an Associates’ in Applied Science from Erie Community College in Orchard Park, New York, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems from University of Maryland University College, a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, and a Master’s Certificate in Projects and Programs from Brandeis.

John is a native of Buffalo, New York and is married to the former Christine Daigle of Lowell, Massachusetts. They have been married for nine years and are the parents of one highly active English springer spaniel by the name of Milkbone.

John is a genealogist and the author of numerous family histories that include a detailed genealogical history of his parents’ ancestry. He has written two travelogues, a seven-volume reference guide documenting the headstones located at the historic Charter Street Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts, and a graphic novel entitled “Captain Coastie”. When not writing or keeping his dog from barking, he enjoys running and investigating the paranormal.